Monday, May 23, 2005


I AM THE MAN. Closed out the game after Adam Bernardo screwed up, and I bet Im the closer a gain! And I struck out the side including Mike Piaza. whose always been a hero of mine. Then i got to meet Rush Limbagh, and i dont know much about politics but HE IS 1 HANDSOME MAN.

up date: Adam Lo Roach tells me to say that i did give up a lead off homer and a triple but I WAS PITCHING TO THE SCORE, DUMMY!!!!!!

another up date: I said that the triple was Brian jordan's fault & Andrew Jones wouldve cauhgt it but they all like him still & they say i shouldnt blame the defense 4 my screw ups. I dont think thats fair.


Blogger John Rocker said...

Hey! Hope you keep screwing it up or get AIDS or something, because then I can get my job back... YEEE-HAW!

11:46 PM  
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